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    So who lives in the southern counties

    Sunny Hastings

    New Forest RV site?

    Thanks for the reply John , probably heading there in March.

    Ferry site

    Sounds about right, I assume that's on one of the Cruise ships and not the Economie . It appears expensive but when you work out the other ways, driving etc. it's not that bad. especially considering that France is now the most expensive place in the world !

    Ferry site

    That happened to us last year, we booked for the maximum length listed, 9m. When we arrived at docks they measured us and charged an extra £70. When I protested regarding no other options they said the details for larger vehicles were on the website, still can't find them. After hearing from...

    New Forest RV site?

    Hi John, contacted Lytchett's about pitches and they called me today concerned about the width as they have ornate gates at the entrance. My RV is a Winnebago Adventurer, 07, I'm sure we are both the same width but just wanted to check or did you have to move your wing mirrors?

    Election who to vote for


    Insurance omg

    Try CCC, they use ERS, I pay £422 per year, Winnebago Adventurer with 8.1.

    Greenflags mayday

    Hi Steve, used them about 6 years ago, came out to a flat tyre on M25, good service however they only cover this country so go with RAC Arrivals now, bloody expensive but peace of mind counts for a lot. Just got CMC news magazine and Greenflag advertise it for £72. If I was sure about not going...


    Toll is from Santander to Zaragoza, after that the A23 is free motorway until Valencia where you join the AP7. All excellent roads with magnificent scenery.
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    I know, bloody outrageous. The alternative road that runs almost parallel apparently is extremely dangerous owing to the amount of lorries that use it to avoid the tolls, coupled with the fact that it's poorly served by LPG stations led us to using the motorway.
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    About £80
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    Lymington August 2019 Seafood Festival, New Forest, Isle Of Wight, Beaulieu, Golf & More ** BOOKING CLOSED**

    It's very kind of you to say we're fantastic but you really need to meet us first !
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    Lymington August 2019 Seafood Festival, New Forest, Isle Of Wight, Beaulieu, Golf & More ** BOOKING CLOSED**

    [QUHOTE="Wombles, post: 316300, member: 3542"]Thank you for your reply - didn't want to miss anyone out. Hi and thanks for the offer , will give it a miss this time, thanks once again.
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    Santander to Coasta Blanca

    Thanks again Steve, great info.