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    Filling my lpg habitation tank

    Hi mark , had the same problem , you need an ACME adaptor with a rear screw thread to fit a ordinary coupler to ,fortunately i found a B.P. Garage in Fuengirola with the correct fittings, i dont know if all BP garages have the same ones ....worth a try ,...cheers
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    Wanted Wanted

    Many thanks will have a look
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    Wanted Wanted

    Hi looking for a Spare wheel and tyre , Size 245/70R 19.5 Ten nuts/holes , wheel urgent / Tyre not so, Cheers
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    Road to Spain

    :party: :party: :party::party:(y):party::cool: Happy New Year to everyone, i wish you Safe Travell and good Health for 2020 , hopefully see you Soon , (john Fuengirola Spain ).
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    Road to Spain

    Chris S-S The high level parking in the trees is in Cacers town centre , But the ," Best Ever Stay" is in PUERTO DEL GELVES , in a beautiful marina by the River in Seville , all amenities including W/Machine.. Barr . ...Rvs 20€ a night
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    Road to Spain

    Hi everyone, in Seville at the mo. Beautiful City , lots culture, weather warm ,good for the Soul Off to Cadiz, then south ,, will post
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    On the Road To Spain

    :party: Merry Christmas everyone, in Portsmouth harbour waiting to board the Ferry to Spain, , Hope to be in Fuingirola on the costa del Sol over Xmas and beyond ,Any one in the area would love to hear from you , John x Marie
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    Hi everyone, i am going to southern Spain in a 34ft RV, does a anyone know the most economically route , any info would be greatly appreciated Cheers