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    Where are the waste tanks??

    We haven't found a need for a macerator in the last 5 years. But we can empty when home. Reality is most campsites have a loo block with a manhole. Buy some manhole cover keys... Most camc dumps now take black and grey... as long as no chemicals. Wish the built em on level ground tho
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    My life just went up in smoke

    I would ask for your installer log in details to the Victron VRM portal so you can check this. Because if they have nothing to hide it will show when the system went offline. Not saying there hiding anything but all those details should be logged.. i.e. when it wasn't connected will show. I...
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    Off tomorrow

    Have fun !
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    My life just went up in smoke

    John was your system connected remotely for monitoring ? Then they can read all the data in the run up from the victron portal to see what happened ?
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    My life just went up in smoke

    So the installers are blaming victron equipment ? Seems a bit bloody unlucky to have 2 faulty units but I guess you never know ! I would be interested to know the final investigations conclusion from a point of view to keep an eye what to check for. Did the installers come out to assess ? They...
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    Slides out don't work

    hi fabanifrank Don't be afraid just to play with your r.v. its the best way to learn it you bought it from a specialist? who were they? I think they should have given you lots of info alongside the sale and in retrospect perhaps they can do you a walkthrough of the vehicle you could film? If...
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    Roof skylight replacing tips

    are they 350mm? 14 " MAXXAIR MAXXFAN DELUX. Very easy to fit and work very well. can have the vents up and fans runnign all the time withotu rain coming in. Stock are low in uk at the minute but that would be the 400 x 400 euro box size so i think you would have more luck finding some at 14" sq...
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    My life just went up in smoke

    Devastating news for you all - i,m really glad you all were safe, the most important thing. I dont know what else to say :-(
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    Is that

    looks smart! Ad says deposit taen so assume someone has snapped it up allready. Good luck in the sale
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    Fresh water pump

    i have shurflo trial king 10's in stock...... 10 Lpm at 30 psi at £53.99 or i also do an osculati one which is 12.5 lpm at 35 psi. bit more at £69.99 price inc del. pm me if interested
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    Oil Pressure Switch Woes!

    awesome knowledge!
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    Oil Pressure Switch Woes!

    could you buy a new sensor and gauge that you know match each other? for example the wema gauges work on 10 - 185 ohms
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    Weight Limits

    yep lol
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    Weight Limits

    yes Helena is who sorted me out getting me through at short notice. I didn't know she was the owner - maybe she wasnt then i,m not sure. Marcin the instructor was ace, really nice chap too. and just soo thourough in telling you how the tester will want you to drive. I think as Marcin is polish...
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    Weight Limits

    your RV at 35ft is i would agree likely to weigh more than as registered on the V5. So by going for a Class C licence you will have all options open for the future and to be honest your rv is wide and long so don't worry about learning in a truck - as everything you learn in how to drive a...