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    General chat

    Have you checked crank pully as its two parts with rubber bonding
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    Got bored !

    When they first started making the Robin Hood kit cars the company put a v12 in one.. fast but would not go round bends
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    Moving RV’s beware !

    It's the people who are asked to stay at home and don't. its what people think is urgent and what is not just my thought..
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    Moving RV’s beware !

    Why not just take Rv to nearest mot garage.. no body needs to travel hundreds of miles for mot.. or service.. if people stop traveling the sooner this crazy world will get back to normal
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    8.1 vortec chevvy belt mis-information belt..

    Yours might have Bill smile
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    8.1 vortec chevvy belt mis-information belt..

    May sound daft but is the belt fitted the right way... if its not right it will be to long... Just an idea
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    Camera replacing side mirrors

    I did say a lot of money
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    Camera replacing side mirrors

    I have heard not sure how true... But one camera assy on a merc 5000 to replace
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    What sealant

    You must be very strong Bill.....
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    Halfshaft v Propshaft removal if being towed

    No recovery driver wants to be under a lorry or Rv on the side of motorway been there its no fun
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    And fourth
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    No sidelights!

    Find the side light wire and power up... Will tell you if switch fault if switch faulty put temp power to wire will keep you moving
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    Diesel heater

    Is it the motor easy fix
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    R.I.P. BILL

    We are also very sad for you Maggie. Bill is no longer in pain. As for you no one could have done more for him than you. You know where we are. R I P Bill xx