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    Happy Birthday Chris ( car 1966 Tony &Chris)

    Happy birthday Chris from us two.
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    Another modification to the out side of the RV.

    Nice looks better now the door opens jase
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    Happy birthday Ann - Lone Ranger

    Happy birthday from us two
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    Happy Birthday Steve - Steve Martin

    Happy birthday steve
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    Happy Birthday Graham - Yogibear

    Happy birthday from us two.
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    Sub Zero Heaters

    I have 2 chinese heaters fitted 4kw was £88 of ebay easy to fit yourself had the eibersphacer before but that was £600 for a 2kw . They are very good value and no different to the originals .
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    Bit of a long shot

    Is it the same size as on the suburban heater?
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    dave from davensue

    Happy birthday Dave from us two.
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    RIP My dear sweet Ange xx

    So sorry to here this what a shock sending our condolences thinking of you Steve.
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    I reckon i can get 15 the yank forums also think similar no cats no brains particle filters to go wrong keeping it simple is good.
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    New Tyres

    jUST HAD TWO STEER TYRES FITTED HANCOOKS £260 each plus vat 295/80/22.5 ??
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    try caravan guard ?
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    Allinson md 3060 keypad

    You were correct Phil when I disconnected batteries took red wire of thinking that’s the solar? Answer was on irv2 forum would never have thought it’s for the gearbox all good now thanks.
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    Allinson md 3060 keypad

    Hi any ideas with my problem engine did not always start as it should . turn key dash lights go out when turning over clicking solenoid so renewed it as i had one .there's also immobiliser fitted that goes through starter relay (renewed) fitted new starter as had a new spare starts nice...
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    norcold fridge not working

    We had similar a few weeks ago fridge only 3 years old not getting cold enough .Took it out turned on side renewed insulation and made proper size baffles behind the fridge. apparently they don't bother to much when they build them our gap was about 5"instead of 1"works great now minus 18 top...