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    New Sofa

    After much searching have at long last replaced the sofa with a new one. The old sofa was dirty, springs broken and never used as a bed. We search everywhere for something that would fit the space and found this by Nabru. It comes on a pallet in bits and is easy to put together. Cost was £376...
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    Rv and motorhome club

    What is good about this site is that here we are discussing the "opposition" and it is not a problem. Just shows how confident Jim is in having the best
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    Rv and motorhome club

    I was looking at this but thought having to pay before looking was a bit much. However I found a backdoor way in and at the time there seemed very few members or posts, but then everything has to start somewhere. I wish them luck but will be sticking with RVOC as it has helped me so much over...
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    Where to source new sofa

    As a very rough idea what sort of money should I be looking at. I like the idea of built to measure as I think a off the shelf sofa is going to always look like that unless I am very lucky
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    Where to source new sofa

    The wife has decided that it is time to replace the sofa. The springs are broken and the fabric is knackered so SWMBO has spoken. I have considered rebuilding it but it is not an option as we are full-time and staying put in the next few months due to work. Has anyone replaced their's with a...
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    Kärcher WV2 Premium window cleaner!

    I got the anniversary version a month ago and am amazed at how much water it collects off the windscreen in the mornings. So - so far so good - just hope it continues after the previous comments.
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    Not Good News ( Old Mo)

    All the best for Old Mo. He is one of the nicest blokes I have met. My main worry is what his style of hospital pyjamas is considering what he has worn at times. All the best. Michael and Joy
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    Distressing the dog

    My German Shepherd would start whining when he realised that the RV was going to move. But once the sides were in and we were on the move he would settle down. Even just starting the engine to turn it over he would start to charge about as if getting ready to go, and would sulk after I switched...
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    New forest . Advice needed

    I think that Sandyballs has closed to redevelop as all statics
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    Stressed dog

    Our White Shepherd used to get really excited when he realised we were going to move, and then settled down on the sofa. Our Alaskan Malamute loves the move but has learnt he does not come in front on the front seats so he lays down by the engine hump. But every time we stop for lights or a...
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    Second Attwood water heater has holes

    It is mains water and the tank on the Attwood is aluminium. Apparently soft water has minerals that can slowly eat through ali
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    Second Attwood water heater has holes

    Yes we are and previously a long time 10 miles away so the same water there which caused the identical problem with the first tank
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    Second Attwood water heater has holes

    For the second time I have got a water heater that has developed pinholes in the seam of the water tank. I have been told that it is the soft water in the area that causes the problem. Before I spend out on a tank has anyone got any ideas how to prevent this in the future.
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    Help with reversing camera please!!!

    The wife and I have to reverse caravans into and out of storage in very tight spaces all the time. We use what we do with the RV when needed/ Mobile phones with mine on the dash on loudspeaker while she "calmly" talks to me saying if I need to reverse to the right of left and when to stop...
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    Who You Go'na Call

    Fully agree. Does not which of the UK suppliers you use, at least use one of them. They are a bit like the village shop, will disappear due to lack of use and the village says what a shame and have to form a community shop. Except it will not be possible to do that with RV Medics, Star Spangled...