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    Full time rv pitch in Devon

    Lemonford Caravan Park was sold last year for £2.6 million to a family, who shall we say, are from a particular ethic minority of the travelling community. I suggest that before anyone considers this they look at the latest reviews. I have spoken in the last week to people that have been there...
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    Gone with the Wind

    Just looked up at the fan in the kitchen area and could see through to the sky! Part of the fan cowling has broken off and disappeared, I thought I saw a crack in it the other day and obviously the wind has got under it and ripped part of it off. It was the type that allowed for the lid of the...
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    Tregoad park sold

    With the amount of touring sites changing to statics and lodges the demand for touring pitches is only going to get greater, and force the price up. Where we are has seen more new people this year than ever, and I cannot see them selling their new caravans and motorhomes after just one year.
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    Coronavirus scare - the hoax of the century?

    I watched a documentary about the Spanish Flu. More American soldiers died of the Spanish Flu than in WW1, WW2 and several other wars put together. If it was shown on TV and was compulsory viewing I am sure a lot of people would have a different opinion
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    Mot expiry

    I was worried about this and looked at the gov site and they say that the extension will show 7 days before the expiry date. So don't panic! But it does seem to be a bit late, I would like to see the change online now.
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    None of us really know for certain how JustGiving's finances work, but most of the amounts were £10 - £20. But the bottom line is that it is still money raised for a good cause
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    The £475,000 figure is the quoted 1.95% card charge. Deduct from this the normal card companies 1.5% and that leaves £125,000 for justGiving. Deduct from this their £100,000 donation and that leaves them £25,000 plus the 20p per transaction. Not so much money then. Still a lot but a fraction of...
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    I saw this as well. The other side is that without them how would this money of been raised. I am sure most would not of given just to an individual account. Also I am certain that this is way more than JustGiving ever believed would be raised, the original target was £1,000. Most people using...
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    Internet option for the RV

    It has its own aerials which work fine. The advantage over tethering is that you have not used your own phone and probably picks up a better signal
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    Internet option for the RV

    I use a modem router by TP-Link with a sim card. I have had no problems with it and a lot cheaper. The wife streams films without buffering problems using a sim from Smarty. They work on the Three network and costs £20 a month for unlimited data. I pay monthly through Paypal so easy to cancel as...
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    New Sofa

    It was by a company called Nabru and was 171cms. The space we had was 173 cms so was perfect. Just google them. It comes on a pallet on the day you want and is call put together without tools. If you need any new parts they are all available. Took me ages to find something that would look part...
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    Just heard that Pete died

    He was a joker so to die on 1st April in a way was appropriate. Just such a shame that at this time there are so many restrictions that will prevent any final gathering for him.
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    Just heard that Pete died

    Joy and I remember Pete from the meet at Bagwell in 2012 and the last meet at Oswestry. RIP mate
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    New Sofa

    After much searching have at long last replaced the sofa with a new one. The old sofa was dirty, springs broken and never used as a bed. We search everywhere for something that would fit the space and found this by Nabru. It comes on a pallet in bits and is easy to put together. Cost was £376...
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    Rv and motorhome club

    What is good about this site is that here we are discussing the "opposition" and it is not a problem. Just shows how confident Jim is in having the best