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    Are American RV's winterized like Euro motorhomes - Hymer etc

    We use ours all year round in this country and John & Tina (RRV) regularly go sking and have their RV parked up in the snow, so I think you will not have a problem if you take the obvious measures.
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    Happy Birthday to Mr Martin

    Happy birthday Steve ... am sure you are sitting back in the sun with Ange waiting on you .... just like a normal day really !!!! All the best mate, Meg xx & Ian
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    What Delam Kit?

    Hi I used two types on our RV, the first was a two pack mix, but you have to be careful how you clamp the area being treated, as the resin expands as it cures. The second one was much better as it is a single bottle, so you can treat as much or as little are as need. and it is easier to clamp...
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    Happy Birthday Deb of @Soulbuddies

    Happy birthday Debs ... have a great day - from Meg & Ian xxxx
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    The MOT date will be 12 months from when it was last done, so it will be FEB 2021 when the next one is due if you get it done I Feb 2020
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    Dogs in their RVs

    Looks like a favourite place for all dogs !!!
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    What a wonderful place this is!

    Hi There North, Nice to see someone with an RV not too far away from us (North Wales) it has been a bit lonely for a long time ... All the best bud. Hope to see you around
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    Railway Sleepers

    (y) Yes great idea.... great minds think alike. I use mine for work on the drive when I need to inspect the underside (y) (y)
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    Empire RV

    Hi, Congratulations ... what Make/Model have you bought?
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    Help and info wanted please rv buying advice

    Hi Philip, Where abouts' are you located in North Wales? We are in Rhuddlan, near St.Asaph. We have had our RV for over 16 years so have picked up a bit of experience. We looked at quite a few before we found ours and a lot of them had damp problems from not being looked after by their owners...
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    Membership number

    Neither can I ??
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    A Massive Happy Birthday to Angie the better half of @Larry99

    We have been away in the RV over the weekend with no internet, just seen the thread .... so very belated birthday wishes Angie ...lots of love from Meg & Ian xxxxxxxx
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    Tudor Farm, Slimbridge..

    (y) You have posted two great campsites there Bud (y)
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    Is The RV Friendly Section Working OK

    I think it is a great addition ... very useful (y)
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    Monaco for a transplant

    It seems an amazing amount of work Adi, for the projected end result - you must be a masochist mate. Good luck bud.