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    Happy Birthday Angela (Larry 99)

    Happy birthday Angie, it has been quite a while since we saw you both last, hope you are both well and have a great day. Lots of love Ian & Meg
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    Sad day.

    Very sad news sorry for your loss Alan
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    Hi, Also try Gold RV. They have supplied replacements for me within a couple of days and really good price. Good luck
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    Happy birthday john (soul buddies)

    Happy Birthday John ...all the best mate. Have a good day ........Ian & Meg :party::party::party:
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    £165 road tax advice please

    That sounds interesting - Thanks
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    £165 road tax advice please

    If you change the class to private HGV.... do you need a HGV license to drive it? Our RV is 5.5 ton so I don't need a HGV licence, but it is taxed as a PLG.
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    ground sheet

    Breathable groundsheets are used by a lot of people and some campsites like you to use them... A lot of RVers have the large Patio matts you can buy at the shows etc. They are a nice addition if the weather is good and you can sit outside with beer or G&T. (They are breathable also)
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    What great toys do we have in the garage.

    I would not sell it John, it is a classic. You will regret it later, I am sure. I would happily store it for you if I could fit it in my garage, but not possible at moment unfortunately.
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    What great toys do we have in the garage.

    Not taken the tandem out yet this year, but it is next on the list when we get the next spell of warm weather. I have my padded shorts at the ready :oops::oops: ... mind you ... we haven't settled the argument about who steers and who stokes yet !!!!!
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    What great toys do we have in the garage.

    Hi Tony, It is a 1966 Triumph Tiger 100SS . I bought it after I passed my test many ..many years ago and rode it for a good few years before it was retired to the garage and there it stayed until now. The Harley is doing fine. I taxed it from the 1st April, but only had one ride out before the...
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    What great toys do we have in the garage.

    I have had my Triumph under cover for over 30 years promising to renovate it some day !!! The lockdown has given me the motivation last. Frame powder coated and rebuild underway.
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    Rainbow drawn by our Grandchildren
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    There is a town called hope near us ...if you are still looking for it ...
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    Happy Birthday Larry of @Larry99 fame

    Happy birth day Larry ... all the best mate (y)
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    New microwave

    Hi John, We changed our microwave a while ago to a Baumatic 204SS which fitted exactly into the space left by the old one. It has basic functions (not a combination) but just what we needed for our use.