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    Good Morning

    Morning from a carm Roche where the sun is trying to get through the clouds, have a great day everyone
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    Good Morning

    Morning from a misty Roche looks like it's been raining but i am shure mr sun will shine later, Have a great day everyone
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    Nightmare drive

    We have a k archer window vac for that purpose
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    Hi all

    And i think they fit 5th wheel hitches and sell them,
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    Good Morning

    Morning from a bright sunny Roche no wind here so will be a great day , Hope you all stay safe in all that wind and rain but have a great day whatever
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    Dash light not working

    Are you shure it's not Ghosting :giggle: :giggle:
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    Welcome to this side i am shure you will like it
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    Hi all

    Hi and welcome to a fellow 5er owners you will enjoyed it and lots of advice on here
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    Tony and the bosses travels

    Well just update again. tell Stu to look away as there is some people in the photos went to watch the surfers yesterday sorry no photo as i managed to delete them or was it a Ghost :giggle: anyway went to santer petra and onto chiclana today great day out
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    Rejoining .

    Welcome back from Chris & Tony enjoy your time
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    Good Morning

    Morning from the sun getting up in Roche going to be a good day with plenty of sunshine, have a great day everyone and stay safe
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    Good Morning

    Good morning from a sun just getting up in Roche, going to be a great day , Have a good day whatever you do
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    Adi - The Ghost Buster

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    No 12 volt power

    Easy mistake my wife open the slide without checking nothing in the way and broke the gear drive , at least your fix was a cheep one Safe travels
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    Tony and the bosses travels

    Well it was a bit dull yesterday so a bit of polishing the 5er then jump on the bikes for a ride into El Colorado and stop at a picnic site for a rest , And today after lunch we set off on the bikes to conile but the long way round as the sun was shining,