Nice new starter motor

Nice new starter motor

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Hey you don't wanna keep that under there, at that money you need to keep it on show and all shiny clean somewhere :rofl::rofl: Safe travels (y)(y)
I'll be keeping nice and clean - as you say at that price its got to be keen clean

Should'av been gold plated :):):):rofl:
Hi, can I ask how much you paid for that please (PM is fine!) as we supply starter motors and alternators for all vehicles and want to ensure we are still as competitive as we strive to be :)

Many thanks

Adi & Cassie :)
Ah so thats what one looks like, i've just had to pay £1000 out for one :( get £300 back hopefully for the old one :cry::cry::cry: painful!
@Emoria Have they taken the old one away? - coz I got mine already discounted with the old one factored in.

Make sure you get your money back as the definitely refurb them and pay you for it
:eek: Sorry to tell you this but we could have done this exact same starter motor (brand new) for £250 or rebuilt yours for £175 :/ maybe next time? We can ship to anywhere you want too

Now you tell me :)

In fairness I didn't know what the original problem was so I called out the mechanic and he traced it down to the starter motor - then came back and fitted it.

But please let me know if you have a website or what range of services you do as I an getting really tired of being ripped off
@RRV sorry, we appear to have missed your message :/ - we try and check in on here as much as possible but this one slipped the net

OK - we basically do ANYTHING mechanical on any application - from RV to marine, from private car to commercial trucks and lorries from servicing, repairs, MOTs, tyres, batteries, air con etc etc all the way up to specialist conversion, engine swaps, solar panel installation, you name it really! Oh, and starters and alternators - we can rebuild yours in house or supply a new one - we can also drop ship to your door

We have the following equipment:

Set of 30 tonne column lifts
2 post hi lift lamp capable of lifting 5 tonnes eg long wheel base high top transits etc
Smaller 2 post ramp for when the other ramps are in use

Full machine shop including head skimming, grit blasting, lathe, mill

Freightliner recovery truck with tilt and slide, can carry up to 6 tonnes - it has a Palfinger crane on it too so we can lift big things too - rated to 14 tonne meter

I'm sure I may have missed something but that should hopefully give you a good idea of our capabilities.

Our company moto is 'Just because it's an RV / sports car' doesn't mean it has to cost the earth. A second opinion costs nothing' (we are also American car specialists!)

Our website is - we are in the middle of revamping it to add all of the above information so please bear with us

Best way to contact us is via the mobile - 07831 812120; land line is 01305 812331 but we don't always hear that if we are out in the yard etc

And if anyone's passing, please feel free to pop in!

Hope that helps :)

***images just uploaded of the RV in the workshop and on the column lifts :) see media file***
I knew I'd forget something....!

We also offer MIG and TIG welding, and have a very powerful plasma cutter :D

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