Tiffin 28ft Diesel Pusher

Discussion in 'RV's in the News' started by Mikamada, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Mikamada

    Mikamada Guest

    Doers anyone have any info on the new Tiffin Allegro Breeze which was awarded Best of Show at US National RV Trade Show...

    I understand that it is 28ft with an weight of 21,500lb and a 215hp V8... Not really much else.. the Tiffin site has some pretty duff fotos but???

    At 28ft I think the house amd children will be sold :biggrin:



  2. Mikamada

    Mikamada Guest

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  3. signature

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    We actually saw the Tiffin at the trade show back in Dec. It is very nice, no MRSP has been annouced but you can bet it will ALOT more than the Tiffin RED.

    Tom, Signature
  4. Loddy

    Loddy Guest

    I know this is an old post but I have a brochure for the breeze In my hot little hand, the reason is I have just returned from Florida (Lazy Days ), they say they had the first 10 off the line and sold them like hot cakes.

    28ft pusher air suspension and brakes the new maxforce 7 V8. looks good

    anybody wants the brochure I will send it on

    Loddy :thumbup:
  5. RVUSA

    RVUSA Guest

    Hi Loddy

    Interested in brochure and already wondering what it costs (and what it will cost in a couple of years!) and sure there will be others too.

    Wondered if it could be scanned in for emailing if several members wanted?

    I have the facility at work and could do this if wanted. Would just need the brochure and a list of email addresses? Can return the brochure if required or post on if anyone wants the original?

    Thoughts please.........
  6. Loddy

    Loddy Guest

    I don't need it as I have set my heart on a Four Winds Serrano 31v. PM me your address and I will send it on, you can do what you want with it

    Loddy :001_smile:
  7. nice one

    Now that is nice and the right size in my book.

  8. Loddy

    Loddy Guest

    The Breeze or the Serrano ?
  9. PeteH

    PeteH Guest



    Don`t fancy it, it has a front bus door which I personally do not like. Now a MID entrance version???

  10. RVUSA

    RVUSA Guest


    Thanks really appreciated, will PM you:thumbup:

    If any one wants an emailed PDF version, then please PM me with your email. Or let me know if you want the original after I have taken a look.
  11. PeteH

    PeteH Guest

    Change of Mind

    Just seen a Serrano on a US E-Bay, now that I do fancy especially the 31Z!! try E-Bay 2011 currently asking @$108K dollars.(approx £69K) at today's exchange rate.

  12. Loddy

    Loddy Guest

    No bids on them go for it, I was driving one last week out of Lazy Days, very good torque figures and a good turning circle

  13. RVUSA

    RVUSA Guest

    Hi Loddy

    Thanks for posting the brochure to me.

    The address I gave you is my office address as full timing and only went into work today after a long weekend off, hence the delay in getting back to you.

    If anyone would like me to post it on to them, then please pm me your address and I would be pleased to forward.

    Thanks again Loddy, really appreciated.
  14. RVUSA

    RVUSA Guest

    Hi All

    Just to let you know that the original brochure has now been posted on to member Uncle Pup.:thumbup:
  15. motor roamin

    motor roamin Subscriber

    Must admit these do look nice, any one have gross weights and towing weights, also any price yet, just curious.

    All the best Rick.

  16. Loddy

    Loddy Guest

    Look at Itchy Feet they are advertising one

    Loddy :001_smile:
  17. onan

    onan Subscriber

    Close inspection of the Allegro Breeze specification on Tiffin's website shows single glazed glass as standard with double glazing not an option. Having been in single glazed coaches and seen the condensation in the winter time a price of $150K (Lazydays) seems a lot to pay for a coach without double glazing.
  18. Tandy

    Tandy Member

    Brochure just arrived in the post :thumbup:

    It's a real beauty :biggrin:

    First time I've even thought about replacing our RV!

    Just need to start saving and start persuading my better half. The brochure will help alot. Thanks Lee (RV USA) for posting it on and thanks Loddy for picking it up from Lazydays.

    It's like christmas has come early :001_rolleyes:

    It reminds me how lucky I am to be a member of this forum and how fortunate I am to have discovered this hobby/lifestyle/way of living.

    Much appreciated,

  19. Loddy

    Loddy Guest

    Uncle Pup
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it's so refreshing to get feedback.

    Whilst we were at Lazydays the salesman said they had just sold one, he then proceeded to drive around the site looking for it in a golf buggy, it took us ages but we couldn't find it , the conclusion was the customer didn't stay over and left the site early, so we didn't get to see one in the flesh.

  20. Tandy

    Tandy Member

    Took the brochure to bed with me yesterday :biggrin:

    It really is a ground breaking RV. I never thought they would do a diesel pusher of this size. The nearest I'd seen to this was the 34 foot Newmar Ventana 3434.

    Even Tanya was impressed by the brochure, although she did point out that the cream leather (leatherette) would soon get dirty with me around!!! :001_rolleyes:

    I read somewhere that it's not available in double glazing. Our Gulfstream doesn't have double glazing and although we don't seem to have a condensation problem (probably because as we have the maxxair fitted we can keep our vents open all year round), I know many people who believe that without double glazing condensation is always a problem.

    I must admit it does get a tad cold in the winter, but that just means we have to go to bed early :wink: . Tanya loves our electric blanket !!! :thumbup:

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