No reverse lights E450 SUPER DUTY V10

Discussion in 'General Tech & Mech' started by Andy n Loi, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Andy n Loi

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    No reversing lights

    Ive just bought my first RV. Its a C class Ford E450 super duty v10 petrol with auto trans. It has the Forest River body 3100ss and is 2 years old in March with 3000 miles on the clock. I have checked all relevant fuses and relays which all seem ok. They tech guys in the states reckon its the pcm module which is located inside the box, need to drop pan. i cant believe this is all neccesary just for reverse lights.
    Any suggestions, or anyone give me a figure to come and fix it. ??? Or anyone wanna swap for one thats all working. ( you wouldnt believe how __ssed off i am .

    Its the new shape E450 if thats relevent.

    Ive checked the bulbs !!!!!

    Regards Andy
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  2. andy

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    Sorry i cant be of any use but it looks like you need to PM Damondunc,the Starspangled spanner man,he's the man of knowledge,and well recommended by all.regards Andy.:thumbup:
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  3. Big Cubes

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    The pcm is inside the box , but its a simple job to rewire the reversing lights on an external switch with a bracket so they still operate when moving the selector.
  4. madbluemad

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    Andy, dont worry about it mate. I get a new one fitted every year for the mot. Two weeks after a new one's fitted it gets bust, it then stays bust till the next mot.
  5. Andy n Loi

    Andy n Loi Guest

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    OK, I thought of putting the reversing lights on a flick switch on the dash and running a fresh feed to the lights , im not following your suggestion , are you saying theres a live from the gearlever to be obtained when reverse is selected.

  6. Andy n Loi

    Andy n Loi Guest


    Do you have the same vehicle or transnission ??. Is this a designj fault ??

  7. signature

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    Not sure whats going on there, we supplied most of Forest River sunseekers at westcroft and to my knowledge i have never heard of that, if you want to give us a call you can speak to Jason, he has worked for me for a long time and would have done the original conversion on your sunseeker (if its a westcroft van) so can talk you through a few things to check.

    We have 2x used 3100 and 2x new ones, will have a look at ours.

    We are now the Forest River Importer again in the UK.

    Steve signature.
  8. Olley

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    I expect he means that you put a feed down to a limit switch mounted next to the gear linkage, you mount it in such a way so that when you select reverse, its operated. Sounds a sensible suggestion. You will need to ensure any switch is IP54 rated minimum or better.

    RS do a very extensive range here:

  9. Geo

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    Then leave it bust
    its not a testable item:cursing:
  10. You beat me to it Geo!

    I thought it was not in the MOT test!!

    Regards Pat
  11. MAUBRI

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    What happened to the "If its on there it has to work" and why has every tester I've ever used ,test the reversing lights

  12. Andy n Loi

    Andy n Loi Guest

    Thanks for your reply, its not one of yours, the guy i bought it from imported it direct from the States. I bought it at the end of last year. Ive just tried to wire up a reversing camera to the live feed to the lights , thats when i found no reversing lights.
    I will call and speak to Jason , thanks.
    What would i have to part with money wise to get into a new one with electric step, awning, etc etc.
    Mine is 3100ss ltd registered march 08 , 3000 miles as new apart from reverse lights.
  13. signature

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    Hate to say it, but the reverse light issue could be down to the 12 volt light conversion that was done.

    Give Us a bell Jason can talk you through a few things.

    Why not just fit electric step and awning to yours.


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